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AC Re-New air conditioner additive from Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning, 526 Garfield, Lincoln, NE 68502

AC Re-New breathes new life into old Air Conditioners

It’s been a long, hot summer and your AC unit has been working hard all season to keep your house cool. If you have noticed your system isn’t quite working as efficiently as before, it might be a good indication that a service appointment is in order. It can often be a slow decline that you don’t notice. Think back to when your AC unit was brand new. How does it compare to its cooling ability today? A/C Re-New is a new product that can restore your unit back to its glory days!

How to know if your AC needs help

Did you know that a ten-year-old AC unit can be 20-30% less efficient than when it was new? That is a significant drop. How can you tell?

• It just can’t keep up. Your unit seems to run constantly and has a hard time cooling your house to the preferred temperature.
• Indoor vents are blowing tepid or warm air.
• The AC outside unit has grown increasingly louder over the years.
• Energy bill has increased year after year.

What is A/C Re-New?

Just like using an oil additive in your automobile to protect its moving parts and to clean out the buildup of particles, A/C Re-New does the same for your air conditioner. It’s a synthetic oil that is injected into your air conditioner that mixes with the system’s existing oil and refrigerant providing many added benefits.… Read More

Air Conditioner Deal just in time for Summer

“Honey, the air conditioner just died!” is a phrase that can strike fear in the heart of anyone. Of course, it’s a hot and humid summer day, you don’t want to deal with this and you don’t have the budget for it. The silver lining has to be somewhere right? Calling on a reliable, experienced and knowledgeable heating and air conditioning company like Bill’s Heating and Air Conditioning is a great first step. Their technicians will evaluate your unit, determine what the problem is and present you with your repair or replacement options. For many of us, replacement might be the best option depending on how old your unit is, when you consider the cost of repairs and the estimated life expectancy of your current air conditioner. Here comes that silver lining! If replacement is your best option, Bill’s and American Standard have an excellent summer promotion that can save you big!

American Standard Air Conditioner Summer Promotion

Now through July 15, 2016, you can receive up to $1,100 in instant rebates or 0% APR for 36 months, your choice. Specific air conditioners are eligible (listed below) and must be purchased between June 1 and July 15, 2016. Products are eligible based on availability (no substitutions or exceptions). Installation completion and claim submission must occur no later than 30 days after the sales date.… Read More

Extend the life of your Air Conditioner with these tips and maintenance from Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning, 526 Garfield, Lincoln, NE 68502.

Extend the Life of your Air Conditioner

Many of us never think about our air conditioner until something goes wrong and the inside of the house is hotter and more humid than it is outside. All of a sudden, all you can think about is fixing your AC unit. Like any large appliance with many moving parts, air conditioners require maintenance. There are things you can do throughout the year to help extend the life of your unit. Replacement can be a heavy burden on your checkbook, so extending your unit’s lifespan is smart.

Outdoor Air Conditioner Tips

Keeping your outdoor unit running in top shape is important to the overall function of your HVAC system. It’s a good idea to keep your unit in a cool, shady spot. Planting trees, bushes or shrubs nearby that can shield the unit from the direct sun will often help with it’s overall efficiency. The more efficient your system works, the longer it can last. Be careful how close the greenery is. It’s important that nothing is touching or blocking your unit from drawing air. When something blocks the air from flowing in freely, the air conditioner will have to work twice as hard to pull in the enough air to cool, reducing efficiency.
Also, periodically checking your outside air conditioner is a good way to ensure grass, branches or any other debris hasn’t entered the unit.… Read More