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Get More Sales Event from American Standard and Bill's Heating and Air Conditioning can help you save big on your HVAC upgrade

A Great Deal on an HVAC Upgrade

Spring has sprung and summer is quickly approaching. If you have had issues with your HVAC equipment, now is a great time to look into replacing it. An HVAC upgrade can help you avoid the pain of no air conditioning in the heat of summer. Of course, this can be an expensive prospect but there is always a silver lining. Depending on how old your current equipment is, new, high-efficiency air conditioners and furnaces can end up saving you money. As a matter of fact, many HVAC upgrades end up paying for themselves in a matter of months with energy bill savings. Hold on tight because the good news doesn’t stop there.

American Standard’s Get More Sales Event

American Standard is currently offering amazing savings for customers that purchase qualifying indoor and outdoor HVAC units at the same time. Their Get More Sales Event is available now through June 30, 2017.


HVAC Customers can choose one of these great options:

Special Financing for 36 months with approved credit or
An Instant Rebate of up to $1100 on all qualifying American Standard Equipment

American Standard and Bill’s Heating and Air Conditioning

The cherry on top is that Bill’s Heating and Air Conditioning is ready to help you through the HVAC upgrade process. With their experience and knowledge, they can guide you through choosing the right units for your home and budgetary needs.… Read More

Find a reliable Lincoln HVAC company with Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning, 526 Garfield, Lincoln, NE 68502.

Lincoln HVAC -Find a Company you can Trust

Finding companies you can rely on and trust to fix and maintain your home is like hitting the lottery. From painting to adding a room, companies that employ trustworthy workers and technicians are hard to come by. How do you go about finding them? We’ve all experienced less than stellar customer service or low-quality workmanship in some form. When mistakes are made in your home, they can often translate into a big expense to fix. The inconvenience can also be huge. Finding a quality Lincoln HVAC company can be tough. Have you ever had your furnace quit in the middle of winter? Have you suffered through days of sweltering heat in the summer with no AC due to HVAC repair mistakes? Or has your wallet felt the burn of poor workmanship? None of these experiences are fun.

How to find a Lincoln HVAC Company

What’s the first thing you do when looking for a reliable Lincoln HVAC company? Asking friends, colleagues and family members for a recommendation is a great way to start. After that, how do you learn more? It’s time to do some research. Once you have some options, a good place to start is online. Does the company have an up-to-date website? Does it have pertinent information and clearly show what they specialize in and how they strive to please their customers?… Read More

Lincoln residents can save big on HVAC equipment with Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning, 526 Garfield, Lincoln, NE 68502.

2 Ways to save Big on HVAC

Is it time to replace that aging HVAC equipment in your home? This might not be the best news you’ve received lately, but there is always a silver lining. Not only can new equipment (i.e. furnace, heat pump or air conditioner) be much more energy efficient, saving you money every month, but two fantastic national and local promotions can help you save big time on initial cost.

American Standard HVAC Trade-In Offer

Beginning January 1 through March 15, 2017, residential customers that choose American Standard replacement equipment for both the indoor, outdoor and control units of their homes may qualify for a rebate up to $1000. That can be significant savings when replacing HVAC equipment. There are certain requirements, and installation must be completed within 30 days of purchase.


LES Sustainable Energy Program Offer

LES utilities has another great offer for Lincoln, NE residents. Starting January 1, 2017, with a total balance of $2,000,000 in funds, LES is providing incentive payments to customers replacing existing HVAC equipment or buying for a newly built home. Heat pumps and air conditioner units that meet certain efficiency standards and are installed by a qualified contractor can yield incentive payments of $200 to $400. These incentives will be available until the promotional balance has been depleted.


Benefit from Both Offers with Bill’s

Customers that choose Bill’s Heating & Air Conditioning can take advantage of both of these great programs at the same time when the right equipment is purchased.… Read More

HVAC Maintenance Agreements are a great way to keep things comfortable all year long with Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning, 526 Garfield, Lincoln, NE 68502

HVAC Maintenance Agreements –Comfort all year long

There are things in our homes and lives that we can take care of ourselves. In the fall,  you might clean your gutters. Year round home maintenance, like light bulb changing, cleaning, lawn and landscape work or pressure washing are some common DIY projects many take on. Some do-it-yourselfers even do their own light plumbing, electrical or remodeling projects. On the other hand, there are some tasks that require an expert technician that knows what they are doing. This list often includes automobile maintenance and repair, major home renovations and HVAC work. The good news is there are ways to save money with consistent quality checks included with many HVAC Maintenance Agreements, like the one from Bills Heating & Air Conditioning.

Why Do HVAC Systems Need Maintenance?

Large HVAC home systems, encompass heating and air conditioning and require a technician trained on all of the moving parts. Maintaining this system requires considerable knowledge and expertise as well as experience to do it correctly. To get the most out of your HVAC system, consistent maintenance is needed. All furnace and air conditioning units include a factory recommended maintenance schedule. With so many parts coming together, diagnosing and fixing these systems can be difficult. Each part must work properly for the whole system to work and be efficient. A bi-annual check will bring to light any issues early on before they compound into bigger and more extensive ones.… Read More