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Is your air conditioner not keeping you cool as it should?
  • Are both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit running? If not, check your circuit breakers. A brief power interruption or ‘brown-out’ can cause a trip.
  • When resetting a circuit breaker, first turn it all the way off, then back on. Some breakers may not look ‘tripped’ when in reality, they are.
  • Check your air filters if the unit is running, but it’s not cooling. An extremely dirty filter can block the airflow and cause the system to malfunction. Not only that, but it can also increase operating costs dramatically!
  • Check your thermostat; if your blower is constantly running, the fan switch on the thermostat may be in the ‘fan-on’ position. You should leave this switch in the ‘auto’ position for the best humidity control and overall performance.
Is your heating not keeping you as warm as it should?
  • Set your thermostat to the setting most comfortable for you, and leave it there. A heat pump does not operate as a conventional furnace. ‘Juggling’ the thermostat up and down will not save you money. In fact, it will increase your operating costs because if you suddenly turn it up more than 2 degrees, the auxiliary electric heat strips will kick on instantly. This action defeats the whole objective of a heat pump.
  • The coil on your outdoor heat pump unit will normally begin to frost over during cold weather operations. A sensor in the unit automatically stops the fan motor and reverses the refrigerant flow to send hot Freon through the coil to de-ice it. You will see steam coming from the unit and water dripping below the unit. After the coil is de-iced, the fan will start up again automatically, and steam will fly! Don’t be alarmed… this is all a normal defrost operation.
  • If the fan motor doesn’t start back up after defrosting, or if you see ice on the outdoor unit coil for more than 2 hours, turn your heat pump off immediately and call our team for service.