New Air Conditioner

When do you need a new Air Conditioner?

Bill’s Heating and Air Conditioning not only maintains and repairs your HVAC equipment but also replaces your air conditioner when you need new equipment. Of course, you don’t want to invest in a new Air conditioner if you don’t need one, and we would never advise you to do so unless there were a pretty big cost-benefit for you to replace it. So how do you know when to replace your air conditioner? Great question! When the time comes for significant repairs to the air conditioner you have, and if we (that’s you and us) find the cost to repair the AC is significantly more than the cost of replacing it, it may be a good time to replace your air conditioner. We will give you all the information you need to make a good decision.

When the time comes for a new air conditioner, trust the reliability of Bill's Heating and Air Conditioning to install and service your equipment in Lincoln, NE.

Customer Care Dealer

American Standard Customer Care Dealer, Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning, 526 Garfield, Lincoln, NE 68502If you do choose to install a new Air Conditioner, Bill’s has a special relationship with American Standard Heating and Cooling. We have attained the unique status of Customer Care Dealer with American Standard.

Bill’s has met the following criteria:

  • Highest standing with a commitment to product knowledge and customer service
  • Training. Our techs know the latest technology and install a system for maximum efficiency, reliability, and comfort
  • Listen. We listen, and when given, we take satisfaction survey feedback from American Standard to heart.

Installing a new system for you in Lincoln means you have our full support and the support of American Standard as well. We will replace your aging, inoperable or inefficient Air Conditioner with the only brand we sell, American Standard. Be confident with the knowledge that you are getting one of the best brands of HVAC in the U.S. Bill’s purposefully chose to be aligned with a company and products that our customers can trust. You can rely on Bill’s to install your new air conditioner and have it efficiently operating in no time. We’ll also ensure that any brand discounts or specials will be applied, if available.

Trust Bill’s for your new AC Unit installation and to service it after the installation. That’s what we do. We take care of you and your HVAC equipment. We’ve been around for a long time, so we think we’re pretty good at it. So do our customers.

Call us today at (402) 477-1371 to schedule an in-home estimate for a new AC!