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Bill’s Heating & Air Conditioning Philosophy

We do what it takes to make our customers happy!

Welcome to Bill’s Heating &  Air Conditioning, the experts in Lincoln regarding heating and air conditioning repair, service and installation!

Founded in 1952, we pride ourselves on providing a premier heating and cooling service that caters to the needs of our customers. When you want the best air conditioning installation and services in the business, contact us in Lincoln, NE, today!

Everyone at Bill’s is committed to doing the right thing for our customers whenever we are invited into their homes for service, repair, or a quote. We are locally owned and operated. If that is important when choosing who you do business with, then Bill’s is the best choice for you and your HVAC needs in Lincoln.

Our HVAC Beginnings

Bill Hildenbrand and his son Alfred originally founded Bill’s Heating & Air Conditioning. Bill’s was originally a sheet metal shop, and ‘Bill’s Sheet Metal’ operated out of a small garage at its founding. As all good businesses go, the company grew, as did the demand for its services. Soon after, a third employee was brought on, and a new business location was acquired on Garfield Street in Lincoln, which is still the home of Bill’s Heating & Air Conditioning today!

Alfred purchased the company in 1968, and because of the great name and reputation ‘Bill’s Sheet Metal’ had made for itself, the logo and title remained.

The Third Generation

In 1978, Todd (Alfred’s son) started part-time work cleaning the shopTodd and Alfred Hildenbrand of BILL'S HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING- LINCOLN, NE and making deliveries. He eventually became a full-time employee in 1982 and began to push the business toward HVAC with his interest in heating and cooling. Todd has since become the owner, and his father, Alfred, has taken a role as the active Vice President.

Today, Bill’s Heating & Air Conditioning provides furnace and air conditioning installation services to 300-400 clients yearly! Being a big company is not as important as being a great one that people can count on in Lincoln.  As Todd says, “We’re small enough to provide quality service when customers need it!”

We install, service, and repair furnaces and air conditioning systems, air filtration systems, and humidifiers in residential and commercial buildings. We also fabricate and install ductwork and supply various sizes of filters and humidifier pads.

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