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Air Conditioner Repair Services in Lincoln. Fast Response and Quality Service.

Bill’s has provided Lincoln Air Conditioner Repair and HVAC services since 1953. We repair, service, and install air conditioners, mini-split systems, and indoor air purification systems. We pass on the promotions American Standard offers as a Comfort Care Dealer. Consider a Service Agreement to maintain your system to prevent unplanned issues and ensure the efficiency of your system throughout the seasons.

Bill’s Heating and Air responds to your service and repair issues quickly. Our dedicated technicians will diagnose and repair issues with all makes and models. We are locally owned and operated!

Don’t let this scenario happen to you!

You come home from work or an outdoor excursion, turn down the air conditioner a degree or two, expecting cool air to circulate throughout your home, relieving you from the heat outside. But for some reason, the house refuses to cool down. A lack of cooling air is your signal to call Bill’s for Air Conditioning Repair.AIR CONDITIONING REPAIR IN LINCOLN, NE done expertly by Bill's Heating and Air Conditioning

No matter how efficient your air conditioning system is, it can still have performance issues. One reason could be due to insufficient maintenance. Industry experts and HVAC equipment companies suggest scheduling a regular Air Conditioner tune-up to keep your equipment running smoothly. Another potential reason for a lack of cool air is that your system has damage to the unit or a condenser coil needs cleaning. Only a certified AC technician can address that problem.

Call on Bill’s Heating & Air Conditioning in Lincoln to help you beat the heat with high-quality air conditioner repair or a tune-up. The highly trained techs at Bill’s will diagnose the problem and work on repairing your equipment so you are comfortable in your home or office again.

Avoid the Unexpected Air Conditioner Repair with a Service Contract from Bill’s.

With a Service Contract from Bill’s, the risk of unexpected repair costs is lessened. A Contract includes our twice-a-year scheduled maintenance. We inform you in advance when our techs identify potential problems, informing you about any issues with your air conditioning equipment. It isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty darn close!

Choose A/C ReNew!

Let Bill’s Heating and Air Conditioning Renew your Air Conditioner, increase efficiency, and extend the life of your equipment with A/C ReNew! Ask about A/C ReNew at your next service appointment, or call our office at (402) 477-1371 for more information!

Signs of Air Conditioner Repair Issues

While neglecting regular tune-ups and maintenance can lead to obvious problems over time, many other issues occur suddenly. Look for these signs to help identify when you need to call us for service or repair:

  • Change in airflow: Does your unit suddenly produce less or no air? This change may indicate a blockage.
  • Tepid air: It takes a little while for your air conditioner to respond to a thermostat change. Contact Bill’s immediately if you notice your unit blowing tepid or warm air.
  • Strange noises: While your air conditioner may not be silent, it shouldn’t make banging, scraping, or squealing sounds. We can identify and resolve the problem.

Air Conditioning repair in Lincoln by the experts at Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning

Lincoln’s Air Conditioner Repair Specialists

As local HVAC Experts, we assist the homeowners of Lincoln and its surrounding communities in controlling the climate in their homes. Call our certified technicians to identify and handle the problem efficiently if your unit won’t produce any airflow or isn’t responding to thermostat changes.

We work with all the best-known brands in the HVAC industry. With this industry knowledge and our experience, we can pretty much guarantee we’ll be able to fix your air conditioner.

Some days, life can be complicated. Finding someone you trust for your HVAC repair shouldn’t be hard. Call Bill’s, and we take care of the rest. Call us to do the right thing for the right reason.

Call (402) 477-1371 for AC Tune-up and schedule maintenance or when you need expert Air Conditioner repair.