Furnace Repair in Lincoln

Need Furnace Repair in Lincoln?

When the temperature drops and you switch on your furnace for the first time that season, a gust of cold air can be a nasty shock. While furnaces represent a predominantly reliable way to keep your home warm through the winter months, even a small problem can require professional attention and require furnace repair.

Don’t wait around shivering in the cold-call Bill’s Heating & Air Conditioning for expert furnace repair in Lincoln.

Our NATE certified Furnace repair experts can fix any make and model. Get furnace repair from our family owned business at Bills Heating & Air Conditioning

Add a Humidifier to your Furnace to combat the dryness of Winter!

Winters in Lincoln can not only be cold, but they are dry! If you have wood floors, you may notice that your flooring may be shrinking away from your baseboards. That is an indication you need moisture in the air! Dry air shrinks and dries out wood. You may notice static electricity as you get a ‘shock’ when you touch something. Or your hair stands up when you brush it. That is due to a lack of humidity in the air. Adding a Whole-Home Humidifier to your furnace will take care of that dryness. Call or contact Bill’s today, and one of our experienced techs will evaluate your system and get you a quote on a Humidifier today!

6 Signs You May Need Furnace Repairs

You can fix many minor furnace issues before they start by calling us to perform a necessary annual maintenance. A maintenance agreement will streamline this process as we will call you to set up the maintenance call for the system. Replacing the filter and system checks prevent most furnace issues.

However, when you need furnace repair in Lincoln, you will need the knowledge and experience of our team.

✔️Abnormal noises, such as squealing, grinding or popping
✔️Excess or insufficient cycling
✔️Excess or insufficient cycling
✔️Low or no airflow from the furnace’s blowers
✔️No ignition or pilot light
✔️Unresponsive, incorrect, or physically damaged thermostat


If you notice the smell of natural gas in the house, contact us right away. Then, turn off the gas supply valve, leave your home, and call your utility company. After we do a thorough inspection, We’ll let you know when the danger has passed.

Get your furnace repairs in Lincoln from Bill’s Heating & Air Conditioning

We know that by the time you contact our furnace repair experts, your home has probably become uncomfortably chilly. Usually that is not a problem for you unless it is frigidly cold outside or someone in the house is very old or very young. While we are taking care of your furnace repair, if you can, it’s best to find a warm place to wait. Extra coats and blankets will be needed only until we can get your system back on line. Lincoln is known for our cold weather winters.

We recommend at the first sign that something may be wrong with your furnace, you contact us. Until we have the ability to assess the situation, we won’t know how long it will take to repair or if a replacement is necessary. Losing heat in a low temperature situation is never comfortable. You can take precautions by getting your equipment inspected in the fall or as soon as possible. We all have had the experience that equipment seems to fail at the most inconvenient times.

The best scenario we recommend is making it a point to call Bill’s every year in the fall. Have your furnace inspected and maintained. Preparing your equipment for the weather that is to come will save you from having to make that call when your furnace is not performing the job it was installed to do. If your equipment is over 15 years old, this is especially important. A planned replacement for your HVAC system is also a prudent idea. Be sure to get a quote from us for an American Standard heating and cooling system.

Are you expecting company over the holidays? Are you sure the furnace is reliable ? Let us perform a Furnace Service for you. Call and make an appointment today or request service through our online form.

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