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Call on the experts at Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning for Furnace Repairs not matter what make or model you have in your home.

Furnace Troubleshooting and Repair

No one wants to wake up to a cold house in the middle of winter because their furnace calls it quits. Today’s furnaces and heat pumps are reliable but require maintenance to be performed in tip-top shape. Furnace repair is necessary every once in a while. You can double-check a few things before calling an HVAC company for repair to troubleshoot your furnace.

Troubleshoot before calling for Repair.

The best place to start if your furnace isn’t working is to ensure its power is turned on. This may sound obvious, but usually, furnace power switches are in a low or hidden area inside the HVAC closet and can get turned off by something falling or shifting in the closet. Save the hassle and expense of a service call by checking this first. Be sure that your thermostat is turned on to the heat function and the temperature set above room temp. It’s possible a family member turned it off and/or forgot to turn it back on.

Checking your breaker box should be the next step. If your power to the furnace has been tripped, a quick flip of the switch might bring the heat back. Next, if your furnace is gas, check that the gas valve is on and the pilot light is lit.

If your furnace is blowing heat but not enough, check the temperature on your thermostat. Try raising it a few degrees to see what happens. Also, check that the heat register vents in your house are open and that nothing is blocking them, such as clothing or furniture. Removing the old dust-filled filter and replacing it with a new one may also help.

Repair – when to call in the experts

Troubleshooting your HVAC system, specifically your furnace, can let you know if you need professional help. A Bill’s Heating & Air Conditioning technician is ready to help if nothing seems to get the heat flowing again. All of Bill’s technicians are highly trained and experienced in furnace repair. They can work on any make or model, no matter the age of the unit. If your furnace isn’t turning on, is making strange noises, is blowing tepid air, or has any other inconvenient issues, they can expertly diagnose the problem and provide honest repair answers.

Annual maintenance visits from Bill’s can help keep your furnace running efficiently year after year, even extending the life of the unit. Call Bill’s at (402) 477-1371 for furnace repairs in the Lincoln, NE area. Stay warm all season long when you sign up for annual maintenance visits. Should your HVAC equipment need replacing, Bill’s is there to help. They can do it all.