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Adding a dehumidifier to your home HVAC system or your basement can increase the air quality in your home. Bills Heating & Air Conditioning 526 Garfield Lincoln NE 68502

Why add a Dehumidifier to your Home?

Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s hot, but not that hot? It’s a dry heat!” This seems to be something folks from Arizona say all the time. Many people are not aware that humidity affects the way we feel temperatures. Now, Arizona certainly is hot, dry or humid, it’s hot. The truth is that it’s a cooler hot. When there is a lot of water in the air, or the humidity is high, we feel hotter. Think about a warm spring day with low humidity and a light breeze. Sounds wonderful right? Now imagine a hot, humid summer day that makes you sweat, causing your shirt to stick to your back. Two days at the same temperature can feel much different due to the moisture in the air. The same can be said about the air in your home.

Adding a dehumidifier to your home can greatly increase your quality of life. A dehumidifier is essentially like a mini AC unit. It has many of the same components, including a compressor. The difference is that a dehumidifier draws moisture or water molecules out of the air and out of your home. It can be used alone, such as in a basement. Built underground, basements are notorious for being humid. Dehumidifiers can also be added to your current HVAC system through the duct work and wired into the thermostat. This allows it to work automatically with the system.

Dehumidifiers lower energy bills

Homeowners that add dehumidifiers can feel a change in the “air feel” right away. Overly humid rooms such as basements won’t have condensation on the walls. Warping of furniture and wood trim will stop. Important papers and collections won’t be ruined by moisture. And better yet, homes with dehumidifiers often save monthly on energy bills. Customers find they can turn their thermostat temps up in the summer. For example, a home set to 68 degrees with 60% humidity can feel just as cool at 78 degrees once the moisture in the air is removed. Experts estimate a savings of 1-3% of the average monthly energy bill savings for every degree the temperature is turned up. That could translate into big energy bill savings.Adding a dehumidifier to your home HVAC system or your basement can increase the air quality in your home. Bills Heating & Air Conditioning 526 Garfield Lincoln NE 68502

Humidity and Mold

Another important thing to consider when determining the benefits of a dehumidifier is mold. Excessive moisture can often lead to mold. In a moist environment, mold can thrive, multiply and spread. This is a true health concern for all those in the home. Mold can trigger allergies and asthma as well as much more serious health issues. Keeping the humidity out of your home can keep mold from taking hold.

Dehumidify your home

Protect your family, your health, your collections and possessions. Keep mold at bay and save on energy bills when you add a dehumidifier to your home. Bill’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Lincoln, NE proudly installs Honeywell dehumidifiers. They can tailor the set-up to your specific needs. Call (402) 477-1371 or contact them online today to discuss how to protect your home and increase your quality of life. And don’t forget, you just might have a good hair day every day as well!