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Mitsubishi Ductless HVAC – The Perfect Solution

Since the dawn of HVAC, traditional duct systems were the only way to go when it came to heating and cooling. Over the years, HVAC equipment has become better and better, improving efficiency and power. New options like heat pumps and geothermal units sprang to the scene, but Americans still relied on ducted systems. Now that Mitsubishi ductless has become more popular with quality systems available, many folks are changing how they think about HVAC.

What is Mitsubishi Ductless?

Mitsubishi Ductless is just as it sounds; it requires no ducts. It is the perfect solution for home or business situations where there is no ductwork behind the walls. This could include a room addition, converting a garage into a living space, or outfitting a very old or historic home or building. An outdoor unit connects to a small indoor unit in each room or area, requiring no ducts to force the air. The exciting news is that many people are finding ductless HVAC is the solution they want, even if they currently have a traditional ducted setup. Time and time again, ductless systems prove to be more energy efficient as customers can control temperatures in individual rooms and areas. And in a space that would require ducts to be added, they are saving big by avoiding extra labor costs.

A Real-Life Application for Mitsubishi Ductless

A homeowner with a traditional HVAC system that failed needed an estimate on replacement and also wanted to consider ductless. He was looking to heat and cool three areas that were separate from his main home that had previously housed a home business. He wanted high-tech equipment and energy efficiency but was willing to consider both types of systems.

When the traditional system quote was less efficient, less flexible, and more expensive, the client wisely chose the Mitsubishi Ductless option. Bill’s Heating and Air got to work outfitting this client’s home immediately.

One outdoor unit controls three heating and cooling zones, allowing the client to regulate temperatures or even shut off use in each zone. Zone One controls a weight/exercise room, Zone Two heats and cools the garage/shop, and Zone Three is a hallway/common area. This allows for the control of each zone separately from one another. He can heat the shop only when he is out there tinkering. He can keep the weight room cooler for workout sessions and keep the hallway always on. With this added ability to control zones, monthly bills will likely be lower.


Bill’s Heating & Air – Lincoln’s Mitsubishi Ductless Provider

No matter your HVAC needs, rely on Bill’s Heating & Air Conditioning to provide a competitive, honest quote, expert installation or repair, and turn-key results that will keep you comfortable all year. These days, there are so many options when it comes to HVAC. Bill’s can help with traditional or Mitsubishi Ductless, system repairs or maintenance, residential or commercial, or if you just need help thinking outside the box. You won’t find a more reliable and honest HVAC company. Be a part of the Bill’s Heating & Air family. You won’t regret it.