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5 Energy Saving Tips that Don’t Cost a Dime

Saving money on your energy bill is something everyone would like to do. We want our homes to be comfortable but don’t want to pay high air conditioning and heating bills in the summer and winter. Many energy-saving ideas for the home can mean big upgrades, which translate into big expenses. These major updates might not fit into your current budget. The good news is that many small changes can be made to your routine to help save on your energy bottom line.

Save Energy with Small Changes

Some big changes like upgrading major appliances to newer, high-rated energy star models, replacing windows with double-pane insulated types, or adding additional insulation to your attic space can drive down energy waste. All these options provide great energy-saving benefits, yet they can be very expensive. The small, no-cost things you can do in your home can also positively impact your energy bills. Here are five easy fixes you can do in five minutes with no out-of-pocket expense.

  1. Window Drapes – Heavy drapery around windows can help prevent drafts, especially if windows are older. Keeping drapes or blinds closed in the summer can keep sunlight and heat from entering your home. In the winter, open those blinds up and let the sunshine provide heat.
  2. Unplug – Most homes have outlets cluttered with plugs and power adapters filled with appliances, electronics, and charging devices. All these items continue to use power even when not in use. Creating the habit of unplugging everything when not in use might seem cumbersome, but it will save energy and cost.
  3. Fireplace – Be sure to close the flue damper when you are not using your fireplace. Air will escape out; air that you are paying to heat or cool. Up to 8% of cooled or heated air could escape through your chimney flue. Just be sure to open it the next time you light a fire.
  4. Ceiling Fan – Fans come with a switch or button that changes the direction the blades turn. Depending on your preference, the fan can force air up or down. Make sure to set your fan to blow down in the summer and upward in the winter.
  5. Vent – Floor vents and registers are meant to allow air to flow throughout your home, heating or cooling depending on the season. Ensure all vents are clear of furniture and rugs so air can flow freely.

Keep HVAC on the List

While all these tips can create savings on your energy bill, the best way to stay on top of rising rates and wasted energy is to have a trusted HVAC company on your side. Many don’t think about their AC unit until it stops working in the middle of the summer heat. Regular maintenance of a home’s HVAC systems can ensure early detection of problems, replacement of worn parts, and efficient energy consumption. Talk to neighbors, friends, and colleagues to find out who they use and trust. An honest HVAC company that has been around for years and years is great to have in your back pocket when the time comes for maintenance or emergency issues. Saving money can be easy with small changes. Feel comfortable all year long, even when your electric bill arrives.