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Extend the life of your Air Conditioner with these tips and maintenance from Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning, 526 Garfield, Lincoln, NE 68502.

Extend the Life of your Air Conditioner

Many of us never think about our air conditioner until something goes wrong and the inside of the house is hotter and more humid than it is outside. All of a sudden, all you think about is fixing your AC unit. Like any large appliance with many moving parts, air conditioners require maintenance. You can do things throughout the year to help extend the life of your unit. Replacement can be a heavy burden on your checkbook, so extending your unit’s lifespan is smart.

Air Conditioner Tips for the Outdoor Unit

Keeping your outdoor unit running in top shape is important to the overall function of your HVAC system. Keeping your unit in a cool, shady spot is a good idea. Planting trees, bushes, or shrubs nearby that can shield the unit from the direct sun will often help with its overall efficiency. The more efficient your system works, the longer it can last. Be careful about how close the greenery is. It’s important that nothing touches or blocks your unit from drawing air. When something blocks the air from flowing in freely, the air conditioner will have to work twice as hard to pExtend the life of your Air Conditioner with these tips and maintenance from Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning, 526 Garfield, Lincoln, NE 68502.ull in enough air to cool, reducing efficiency.

Also, periodically checking your outside air conditioner is a good way to ensure grass, branches, or any other debris hasn’t entered the unit. Check for debris after storms that might have become lodged in the unit. Carefully clear away any blockage only when the power is safely off.

Want to extend the life of your AC? Change your filter!

Don’t forget the inside portion of your air conditioning. It also needs proper maintenance to extend its life. Replacing the filters every 30-60 days, especially during the summer months, is a good way to keep air flowing properly. Mark your calendar with reminders so you won’t forget.

Signing up for an annual maintenance program through Bill’s Heating & Cooling is a hassle-free way to take care of your AC system (and furnace) both inside and out. Proper maintenance is the biggest factor in determining the lifespan of your air conditioner. Having a professional, experienced, knowledgeable technician come out twice a year to your home is an excellent way to catch any issues early. Adding years to the life of your system will make your pocketbook happy.

Is it Time to Replace your Air Conditioner?

Unfortunately, all good things do come to an end, and eventually, an air conditioner will need to be replaced. An honest evaluation of your current system and the cost of repairs can then be compared to the option of installing a new unit. If a new air conditioner is the best choice for you, rest assured Bill’s will provide top-of-the-line air conditioners and offer financing options that help ease the pain of paying for it. Keep your family cool all summer long with these small tips that can save you big.

This article was originally published in June 2016 and has been recently updated. 

5 replies
  1. Penelope Smith says:

    This is some really good information about AC maintenance. As a new homeowner, I want to do all I can to keep my home in good shape. It is good to know that I need to keep my indoor system in good check as well. I liked that you pointed out that I should change out the filter after every 30-60 days.

  2. Logan Edwards says:

    Thank you for pointing out that keeping the AC unit protected from direct sunlight will go a long way in keeping it functioning to its maximum efficiency. If that is the case, then I will have a few bushes and trees planted near the supposed location of the unit. After all, I will be getting one installed soon and considering its size, it will use a lot of energy. I would not want it to consume more than it needs to.

  3. Renee Huepper says:

    Sounds great Logan! Do be sure to plan those bushes far enough away that your air conditioner can still easily draw air from its surroundings. Preferably a taller tree that provides shade from a distance will help! Let us know if we can help with AC selection and installation!

  4. Mark Murphy says:

    I really appreciate your tip to check your air conditioning after a storm to make sure that no debris has gotten into it! My wife and I live in an area that gets a lot of dust storms, and we are concerned that we won’t be able to stop the dust from getting everywhere. After a dust storm, I will be sure to check our air conditioning unit!

  5. Jesse Ford says:

    I like how you mentioned that you should keep your outdoor unit in a cool and shady spot and that making sure it’s running in top shape because it’s important to the function of the system. My wife and I are thinking about upgrading our central air in our house because the inside of our home does not seem to get cool enough during the summer. It seems like a good investment to hire a reputable air conditioning installing professional who can help us keep our living area at a manageable temperature.

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