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American Standard's Set the standard sales event.

American Standard Set the Standard Sales Event

Are you in the market to upgrade your home HVAC system? There are many benefits to doing so, but the cost can be high. Bill’s Heating & Air Conditioning in a partnership with American Standard can make an HVAC upgrade much less painful. American Standard products are top-notch and upgrading to a new system can help save big on monthly energy bills. A new HVAC system will run more efficiently and when the AC and Furnace are replaced at the same time, customers can expect optimal life expectancy. Worried about the cost? Well, here’s some good news.

American Standard and Bill’s Heating & Air Conditioning

This fall, from September 15 through November 30, 2017, American Standard is ready to help you upgrade your HVAC system without breaking your budget. When customers choose Qualifying American Standard HVAC Equipment and a few mandatory add-ons they can choose one of two special offers from the American Standard Set the Standard Sales Event.

Offer 1:
Special Financing
Purchase a new Qualifying American Standard System and take advantage of 36 Month Special Financing. Subject to credit approval, ask for details.

Offer 2:
Instant Rebate
Regular rebate up to $1000 when you purchase certain Qualifying Equipment with the potential to add a $200 bonus and/or $300 bonus if conditions are met.

Of course, there are many options.… Read More

Lincoln residents can save big on HVAC equipment with Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning, 526 Garfield, Lincoln, NE 68502.

2 Ways to save Big on HVAC

Is it time to replace that aging HVAC equipment in your home? This might not be the best news you’ve received lately, but there is always a silver lining. Not only can new equipment (i.e. furnace, heat pump or air conditioner) be much more energy efficient, saving you money every month, but two fantastic national and local promotions can help you save big time on initial cost.

American Standard HVAC Trade-In Offer

Beginning January 1 through March 15, 2017, residential customers that choose American Standard replacement equipment for both the indoor, outdoor and control units of their homes may qualify for a rebate up to $1000. That can be significant savings when replacing HVAC equipment. There are certain requirements, and installation must be completed within 30 days of purchase.


LES Sustainable Energy Program Offer

LES utilities has another great offer for Lincoln, NE residents. Starting January 1, 2017, with a total balance of $2,000,000 in funds, LES is providing incentive payments to customers replacing existing HVAC equipment or buying for a newly built home. Heat pumps and air conditioner units that meet certain efficiency standards and are installed by a qualified contractor can yield incentive payments of $200 to $400. These incentives will be available until the promotional balance has been depleted.


Benefit from Both Offers with Bill’s

Customers that choose Bill’s Heating & Air Conditioning can take advantage of both of these great programs at the same time when the right equipment is purchased.… Read More