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winter scene of house

4 Home Winter Preparation Tips

Winter can be tough on your home in many ways. Frigid temperatures affect the interior and exterior. Snow and sleet storms create wear and tear. And closing up our houses tight can cause other issues that can affect your family’s health and wellbeing. There are things you can do to help ease the pain the colder seasons cause. Small efforts in winter preparation can save your pocketbook, your health, and ward off disasters.

Window and Door Preparation – If we could see air with the naked eye and watch it continually seep through our windows and doors, we might realize all the money and energy wasted. By removing screens and replacing them with storm windows and doors, less heat will slip through the cracks. Sealing edges inside and out with caulk is an addition step that keeps hot air in and cold air out.

HVAC Maintenance – Your furnace has been resting all summer long. As temperatures plummet, it fires up and is expected to run smoothly all through winter. As with any machine containing multiple moving parts, your HVAC system requires maintenance. Scheduling an annual tune-up not only keeps things running well all season but can increase efficiency and reduce energy bills. Avoiding a very cold morning is also an added benefit.

Carbon Monoxide Detection – Many of us have heard about the dangers of CO poisoning, but how many of us take the necessary steps to stay safe?… Read More