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3 Signs You Might Need Furnace Repairs or Replacement

As we enter into fall and look forward to winter, our HVAC home system switches from air conditioning to heat. The furnace has been sitting dormant all spring and summer and is expected to get to work as soon as that first cold day hits. Hopefully, this is a seamless transition in your home. There are a few things to look out for that indicate that your furnace may need repairs or even replacement. Knowing the 3 signs ahead of time can help you know when furnace repairs are needed saving you the hassle and inconvenience of the system stopping during a cold spell.

You may need Furnace Repairs if…Get furnace repairs done right with Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning in Lincoln, NE.

Does your Furnace have a hard time starting? If your furnace seems to struggle to start up, this can be an indication of a problem. It could be as simple as faulty wiring or a more complicated issue like a mechanical part inside. Once the furnace has started, strange noises such as banging, rattling, squeaking or hissing can mean something is wrong. Now would be a good time to call for an inspection.

Is your heating bill going up? Small increases in your energy bills often slip by unnoticed. A good way to determine if your heating bill has increased is to look a few years back and see if there is a consistent increase over the years. Keep in mind that fuel costs do fluctuate, but energy cost increases can also mean your furnace is not running efficiently. Regular maintenance visits and filter changes can help increase the lifespan of your unit.

How old is your furnace? Typically a well installed and properly maintained furnace can last 12-15 years. Beyond that, efficient can decrease and the expense of replacing multiple parts can make repairs cost higher than replacement. Often the better option is to replace the furnace with a new model, increasing efficiency and saving monthly on energy bills.

Furnace Repairs you can count on

Should you notice any of these 3 signs in your home HVAC system when you turn the heat on this season give Bill’s Heating & Air Conditioning a call. Bill’s technicians will provide honest repairs and recommendations of your specific system and situation. They will never recommend unnecessary repairs. If you determine that replacement is the best option, they can install a state-of-the-art, energy efficient furnace in your home. Bill’s offers financing with approval as well. You’ll never get taken for a ride with Bill’s. Earning your business for a lifetime and keeping you warm all season long is their goal.