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Furnace Troubleshooting and Repair

No one wants to wake up to a cold house in the middle of winter because their furnace calls it quits. Today’s furnaces and heat pumps are reliable but require maintenance to be performed in tip-top shape. Furnace repair is necessary every once in a while. You can double-check a few things before calling an […]

HVAC Maintenance Agreements –Comfort all year long

There are things in our homes and lives that we can take care of ourselves. In the fall,  you might clean your gutters. Year-round home maintenance, like light bulb changing, cleaning, lawn and landscape work or pressure washing, are common DIY projects many take on. Some do-it-yourselfers even do their own light plumbing, electrical or […]

Furnace Repair – Is your furnace worth repairing

Fall ushers in cooler temperatures and crisp air. Leaves begin to fall; football crowds gather, and everything comes in pumpkin spice flavor. It’s a magical time of year that slowly transitions into a colder, often arctic winter. This is the time of year when your air conditioner begins to hibernate, and your furnace comes alive […]

AC Re-New breathes new life into old Air Conditioners

Summers are long and hot, and your AC unit works hard to keep your house cool. If you have noticed your system isn’t working as efficiently as before, it could be an indication that a service appointment is in order. Efficiency can often be a slow decline that you may not notice. Think back to […]

Extend the Life of your Air Conditioner

Many of us never think about our air conditioner until something goes wrong and the inside of the house is hotter and more humid than it is outside. All of a sudden, all you think about is fixing your AC unit. Like any large appliance with many moving parts, air conditioners require maintenance. You can […]

5 Energy Saving Tips that Don’t Cost a Dime

Saving money on your energy bill is something everyone would like to do. We want our homes to be comfortable but don’t want to pay high air conditioning and heating bills in the summer and winter. Many energy-saving ideas for the home can mean big upgrades, which translate into big expenses. These major updates might […]

Mitsubishi Ductless HVAC – The Perfect Solution

Since the dawn of HVAC, traditional duct systems were the only way to go when it came to heating and cooling. Over the years, HVAC equipment has become better and better, improving efficiency and power. New options like heat pumps and geothermal units sprang to the scene, but Americans still relied on ducted systems. Now […]

Should You Repair or Replace your Air Conditioner?

Trying to determine whether you should repair or replace your air conditioner can be difficult. There are different points of view to consider and factors to assess. Repair and replacement can both be expensive endeavors making it an important decision. Almost any air conditioner can be repaired; it’s a matter of deciding if replacement is […]

11 AC Repair Basics to Help You Avoid Being Clueless

Be in the know with these common AC repair terms We’ve all been there. The AC repair guy comes to check out your air conditioner and starts talking about coils, condensers and other things you’ve probably never heard of. He might as well be speaking another language. Do you ask what he means, fearing he […]